Don’t make these 5 mistakes as a freelancer!

1. Charging lower than what you’re worth

Being a freelancer, it’s on YOU what you charge!

You need to charge as per your worth, experience, skills and most of all, time!

2. Being hesitant while marketing your services

Marketing is one of the first few skills you need to have as a freelancer. If
you can’t market your services, you won’t be able to position yourself in front
of your target audience.
You need to be seen to be able to get high quality work.

3. Not experimenting with niches

You need to experiment with niches to know what you actually like to do, and
what you’re good at.

Later, you can niche down and stick to one but towards the beginning, EXPLORE.

4. Not upskilling yourself

You can only do so much with the skills you have. The world is evolving by the
hour, and you need to as well

UPSKILLING will help you package and offer your services in a better way

5. Not treating it like a business

Freelancing is everything, but most of all a business. You cannot expect trust
from the client’s side if you don’t show professionalism and dedication towards
your work

Your freelancing career will not grow if you don’t respect it like a business.

I could go on and on, but these 5 points top my list.
What would you add?

Posted by Komal Ahuja on LinkedIn