Don't describe the graph, describe the outcome you want to drive.
Build the narrative first, then title your visualisations after.
The example shows how I'd do this with my boss:

By boss, I mean my boss-at-home - my fiancée.

I'd build a narrative around how in 2022, I'm expecting to receive so many
Valentine's Day cards that our mail will flood from our mailbox, and blow around
the street.

I'd present this graph as part of that story, the title clearly stating the key
takeaway: we need a larger mailbox.

She'd be unhappy with me receiving all these cards, but a good narrative and
solid data can convince even the most disagreeable people.

Plus, she probably knows it's me sending all these cards to myself anyway.

How do you use titles in your data visualisations?

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Originally posted by Nicholas Lowthorpe on LinkedIn