Don't confuse activity with Productivity 🧠

Many people are Simply Busy being Busy and not heading anywhere

I have experienced this very thing

If I go back 6 months in the past - my schedule had 10-12 activities lined in
the form of to-dos each and every single day

And my job was to hunt these to-dos down

4 months into that I started realising "I was putting in time and effort but
things haven't but I was going nowhere"

It's then I started to figure out 80:20 rule

I started to learn to focus on things that matter

The change started after I read this book - "The Subtle Art of Not giving a

It's all about prioritization ⚖️

This art of prioritization I am not only applying in day to day but also into my
Product Management work

Things have drastically changed past then

Now I have a set of KPIs for what would put me in a situation to hit my short
term goals (1-3 months)

My activities on a day to day basis are solely dependent on those

This change also came after I started to schedule and not just use to-dos as the
way of doing my work

I would like to thanks Ankur Warikoo sir for helping me incorporate that

You can see down below in the photo attached to the post - that's my KPIs now

I am hunting them

Keep things simple is the key🥁