Do you wish you could get more done?

Are you wasting time losing focus?

These 2 things can COST you hours a day.

What do you think they are?

You might be doing it NOW!

I don’t mean social media.

But what led you here right now.

The first is EXCESSIVELY picking up your device.

Do you know on average we check email 74 TIMES a day?

This might be right for you.

Or like Pavlov’s dogs, it may just be CONDITIONED.

The other massive TIME SINK is task switching.

On average we do this every 10 minutes.

And it can cost you 70% of your EFFICIENCY!

Like a stalled freeway, stop-start can MASSIVELY cost you.

The solution is SIMPLE, but not easy to do.

You want to DECIDE how you’re using your time, and have a method to hold
yourself accountable.

Do you agree?

Could you save time this way?

How else might you rescue time?

Geoff Blades #success #motivation #focus

P.S. You can see more detail in the article and video link in the comments for
best getting your day flowing!