Do you need to promote every content you publish and build links to it?

It depends.

But don’t expect you’ll earn top rankings just by hitting publish either.

The result might disappoint you.

In my daily work, I’m continually analyzing SaaS websites and blogs.

And I’ve noticed that the majority of them don’t promote their content with
direct backlinks.

This is a missed SEO opportunity.

Many great companies publish quality content, and you might be one of them. But
if you are not promoting your content, you are not leveraging its full

You need to have outstanding content to start with, but if you wish to rank for
very competitive keywords, you also need to promote that content and get some
backlinks directly pointing to it.

By its definition, a competitive keyword means that other top-ranking pages
ALREADY have a ton of backlinks.

Another hack is to choose and try to rank for keywords that aren’t too
competitive when you’re just starting.

Cover these keywords with great content, and then build backlinks to that

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Posted by Davor Bomeštar on LinkedIn