Do you have a lot of outdated content on your website or blog?

So many businesses do.

Use this 3-point test to determine if it’s update-able:

⚜️ Does it present current risks still inherent in your customers’ businesses?

⚜️ Feature relevant examples or case studies that illustrate your expertise and

⚜️ Highlight best practices for current risk management?

If yes, then, update it!

3 TIPS for updating:

⚜️ Add additional 2020 industry risks and concerns re: COVID-19, civil unrest,
etc. Make sure it's not tone deaf to current issues.

⚜️ Refresh statistics to be current (aim for 2018 or more recent, depending on
the topic).

⚜️ Add tips and best practices for risk management relevant for 2021.

There’s no need to recreate the wheel.

Updated content can be re-posted, re-distributed and is worthy of a re-read by
your target audience.

How do you successfully update your business’ content?

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Posted by Mindi Zissman on LinkedIn