Do you "give" within your field of expertise? πŸ‘

I do! And it adds a lot of meaning to my day.

Here are some ideas for you:

⚜️ Do your skill for free for an organization that needs it

⚜️ Mentor a junior employee at your company

⚜️ Submit your creative work for publication

⚜️ Help someone fix up their resume and find a job in your industry

Finding a way to give back without having to learn a new skill or go out of your
comfort zone makes achieving that work-life-meaning ratio a lot easier.

Plus, it centers the compass of life’s purpose - TO GIVE - for many of us who
would otherwise just keep working.

What’s my favorite "give?" Teaching 22 11th grade girls to write twice a week!

Tell me yours! πŸ‘‡

Posted by Mindi Zissman on LinkedIn