Do you even know all the benefits of the Skyscraper Technique?

I’ve been writing about the Skyscraper Technique for the last few days.

When we started using it, it created a mindset shift for us regarding how we
create content.

Because there are many benefits to this approach.

The first one. It gives an author a benchmark or a guideline on what is the top
content to beat.

If a certain piece of content is ranking on Page One of Google, chances are it
is considered to be of the highest quality.

So if you are able to improve upon it, this will automatically give you a very
good chance of ranking high on search engines.

Additionally, it kickstarts the writing.

There is nothing worse for a writer than staring at a blank page.

The Skyscraper approach eliminates writer’s block by giving you a starting point
for your creative process.

You will look at how your competitors covered the topic, analyze what you liked
or didn’t like about their content, and think of ways you can improve it.

This will give you a sense of direction.

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Posted by Davor Bomeštar on LinkedIn