Do not write another report till you read this.
It is often seen that managers write a report based on the set protocols by the
company, or based on what their supervisor has demanded.
Let's ask - Why do they ask for this report?
- to understand your performance
- to understand progress in business goals
- to identify risks in your functions that might be overlooked
The key point is the data + update is not about them. It is about YOU and YOUR
And therefore, it is YOU who must understand the report first, and understand
what that means.
- What is working?
- What did not work?
- Why it did not work?
- What could you do better?
- Are you aligned with the company's objectives/goals?
The more you INTROSPECT and ask these questions to yourselves, the better you
will become. It is called SELF MANAGEMENT.
You cannot manage others if you cannot introspect, think critically, and manage
yourself, and your performance, goals, objectives.
So next time you make a report as per your boss/board, INGEST it yourself first,
and you will see a difference in your performance.
In fact, you can create better report formats than your boss, because you know
which parameters define your success.

Originally posted by Abhishek Rungta on Facebook