Do any of you have any quirky habits?

I don't mean to implore but there are a few habits that are absolutely essential
to only us and is quite insignificant on many levels.

It can be anything...
💥eating chocolate before a presentation
💥placing a chair back to its original position
💥counting backwards to calm your nerves
💥closing your eyes before anything important

Anything at all ...

These are small habits that form a part of your existence. They are unique to
you and you will be surprised how it helps you master your challenges.

👉They are constant in your life.
👉They are beliefs that everything is going to be fine.
👉They infuse normalcy even in the most trying situations.
👉They are emotions that causes an itch if not done.

It's All About YOU. You are most important.

I'll share My Quirks...

👉Having one sip of water just before I step out of house for any work.
👉Read the short horoscope in #TOI first thing🤭.

Okay, I have only one highly insignicant quirk..
What about you? Want to discuss?

Let me know .. Do you have any Quirks that are absolutely essential to you?

Aaj phir se kuch alag karte hai, okay? 😇

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Originally posted by Ankita Ahuja on LinkedIn