Disruptive Copywriting techniques to write a copy that sells.

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Copywriting techniques you might have already heard it before,

1. Add catchy Headline to grab the attention
2. Write like you talk
3. Have a clear CTA

That's it?


There is much more beyond this!👇 👇

4. Use Specific and Realistic Statistics
Ex. Instead of saying, "I've helped hundreds of clients to grow their

You should say, "I've helped more than 124 clients to grow their businesses"

5. Craft Good Stories that Sell
Add emotional triggers to your content to connect with your audience.

6. Be the First to Trend Hijack
Stay updated, research thoroughly, write loud and clear.

7. Use FOMO Technique
Create some FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Ex. Save this post in the next 10 minutes and get my eBook for FREE!


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