Disney made huge announcements at its 2020 Investor Day centred around Disney
Plus which includes updates on new Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney Animation
studios projects.

Disney is building its strategy on this flywheel of content and consumer. This
flywheel is a smart way which benefits all parts of Disney business such that
Star Wars movies lead to original series like Mandalorian on Disney+ (Content)
which provides new attractions at its theme parks (Baby Yoda) and also new
merchandising opportunities which also leads to new movies/series like Ahsoka &
The Book of Boba Fett (both are a spin-off from the Mandalorian series) all
building on each other like a cinematic universe in real life.

Disney+ as a platform acts an epicentre of this flywheel helping its consumers
access the content where Disney by integrating its different services increases
the amount of money it can make per user in the market that remains.

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Posted by Pavithran Chidambaram on LinkedIn
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