📈 Dilution Model for Startups 📈

Founders, want to keep more equity in each round?
Plan your strategy with this tool 👇

A big problem for early-stage startups is dilution.

Early money (pre-seed, seed) is probably the most expensive money you’ll take.

Some VCs want so much equity in early startups that founders are essentially
employees by the time they raise their Series B.

To keep more equity in your startup, you need to plan your fundraising strategy:

You don't want to raise too much and dilute your startup, but you don't want to
raise too little and not hit milestones for lack of capital.

This dilution modeling tool can help founders find the balance:

🔹 See dilution effects from different investor scenarios
🔹 Analyze multiple fundraising strategies in minutes
🔹 Set fundraising goalposts

Want to get started mapping your strategy for maximum equity retention?

Reach out in the comments and I'll send you a copy of the dilution model ASAP

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