Dilemma with service - to replace a part or not?

My Samsung refrigerator was working fine for 10 years. Other day we noticed
freezer is not working (ice cubes are not set) & cooling in general was low
(water bottles are not cold).
Tried switching off and On. No use.
Youtube gave some tips- not much use!
Called callcenter. They asked to listen to noise of compressor- yes. it is On.
They asked to check any damage to door sealing gaskets- all were good. They
asked to switch off the fridge for 8-10 hours. We did & it did not help.
Made a second call to call centre & they promised to send a service guy.

Service guy came promptly, checked compressor side directly & said compressor is
making too much noise than expected & it is certainly gone. We need to replace
compressor worth Rs 9K. We had no choice.

We are told it will take 2-3 days to get the parts.

But, after a day, fridge is working perfectly.

Now the dilemma:
1. Was the compressor really bad?
2. Now should we cancel replacement as it is working fine now & call if the
problem recurs? What if the same problem recurs after few days, as the problem
is actually not found?
3. Compressor is SAME MODEL between many brands (confirmed by service guy) &
cheaper. Is it OK?

PS: Spare parts is a bigger business than main business!