Digital Theraupetics will turn out to be the game changing idea of the decade .
Simply because, it helps enhance access, has the inherent potential to be
personalised and most importantly can deliver health outcomes at scale with a
fraction of clinical workforce involved in the delivery. The only impediment-
who pays for it ? And here you go, Germany paves the way with a reimbursement
provision . Apt use cases and extremely focused full stack virtual theraupetics
. A precedence for other nations to follow .

#digitaltherapeutics Juliane Frömmter Jose Luis A. Laura Stella Korcik Sevilay
Huesman-Koecke Olaf Acker Josef Scheiber Czuee Morey, Ph.D. Sarah Lorenz Anh N.
Tran Alejandra Abal Jan Beger

Posted by Dr Vijay Raaghavan on LinkedIn