Digital PR is alive and booming because let's face it.

MOST guest posts are shit.

And why wouldn't they be?

10 Million Guest Post Specialists reselling links from the same sites all over
the net, and what, Google blindly ignores the OBL ratio?

So that DR 91 guest post from on how to trim your cat's
whiskers with tweezers is pointless.

It's now SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to combine the words "Guest Post Specialist"
with "Quality" - they are polar opposites.

Digital PR is about baiting.
Guest Posting is about churn.

There are very few guest post opportunities out there that are of value.

BUT, do not mistake the fact that:

1. You can gain short-term wins from shit links, but they'll catch up when
they're epically devalued.

2. Most agencies partake in it because it's easy.

3. Most SEO campaigns are sold under true budget requirements, so the landscape
for getting links ultimately railroads people into buying them.

4. There are more guest post specialists than known atomic particles.

I block and report harassment for every "guest post specialist" who messages me
in the hope that one day LinkedIn actually bans persistent spammers.

Save your money, go buy something more useful, like chocolate..........

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