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❏ YouTube․com tests moving autoplay controls inside the video player

❏ YouTube Kids for Android TV passes 10 million installs

❏ YouTube Adds New 'Shorts' Shortcut Button to User Home Screens in India

❏ Google Search Console brings back request indexing tool

❏ Google to feature song on the homepage for the first time

❏ Google and Microsoft invest in TikTok rival, India’s Josh app

❏ Google Helps Create 2 New Social Media Unicorns In India

❏ Verizon, Deloitte to co-develop edge computing apps

❏ Twitter and Amazon Team Up on Cloud Infrastructure

❏ PhonePe launches new voice notification feature for Business app in 9

❏ WhatsApp to soon get multi-device support, an enhanced group calling, and
other features

❏ Amazon Echo Receives An Entertaining Upgrade From Netflix And Spotify

❏ Apple is providing ‘special rooted’ iPhones to these users to keep them safe

❏ WWE Posts Job For New Lead Writer On LinkedIn

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Posted by Kiran Voleti on LinkedIn