Did you notice that you are unknowingly spending somewhere between ₹5- ₹55 for
every transaction you do via digital wallets.

Yes, this is additional to the amount you might be paying for that specific

Unfortunately, this is neither being recorded in statements of your digital
wallets nor in your spend management apps.

Simply because this is the value of the time spend while doing that transaction.

Who cares?

It's true that these digital wallets help us do payments on the go in a few
clicks without compromising on banking credentials.

But, does it (time taken to complete a transaction) worth to be ignored?

It looks like you are paying on an average ₹500-₹5500 per month (assuming 100
transactions a month) as a subscription or convenience fee to use these wallets.

I think you should definitely consider "time" as a critical factor while
evaluating which wallet to use.

What do you say?

or what additional factors do you look at before installing a digital wallet in
your device?

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