Did you know that over 63% of all suicide cases are men. Also that men are more
susceptible to heart & stress related illnesses

Why is that so? Have been talking about it to others and came across a few
points to note.

A lot of men barely open about their vulnerabilities and inhibitions for the
fear of being judged.

In a lot of households, they are assumed to be the superhero, the "know it all".
And to somehow stick to this image, they don't open up - nor to their spouse,
their parents or even their kids

In offices and professional careers, talking about issues is considered a sign
of weakness so there too they don't open up.

And who has time for friends in today's world.

A lot of them, keep running from pillar to post to keep fulfilling what society
expects of them. Buying that house, that car, that international holiday. But
what about what they want? What makes them happy?

Job, finances, expectations, society
Is it all worth it? At the cost of health and peace?

Guys, speak up. Communicate. Share. Break the norms. It's ok

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P.S. This post isn't about MaleVsFemale. It's just one perspective. More on the
female perspective on mental health in another post soon.

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