Did you know Faasos wraps, Behrouz Biriyani, Ovenstory Pizzas are all cooked in
the same kitchen?

They are all brands created by Rebel Foods, a cloud kitchen service eating into
the $8bn Quick Service Restaurants(QSR) market in India.

In 2003, Jaydeep Barman was in a drunken convo with his friend about starting a
food service when he came up with “Fanatic Activism Against Sub Standard
Occidental Shit”, aka Faasos.

He realised that modern Indians are becoming cash rich and time poor,
preferring to eat a quick meal out of their house, vs cooking at home.

The concept is simple. A kitchen would have no storefront but have the ability
to cook multiple cuisines. This kitchen would create food of various cuisines
under one roof.

The concept makes economic sense.

Kitchen payback would take less than a year, versus 3+ years normally.

However creating a delivery network would require significant investment, and
somebody else was already solving that.

That would be Swiggy, of course.

With the problem of logistics solved, Faasos doubled its revenue in 2018
(again) hitting a $45MM revenue, and is on track to keep the same growth in

With details on its rise to the cloud here (https://bit.ly/2Tt9DJb), Rebel is
changing the way we eat quickly, quickly.

Posted by Chetan Manda on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/chetan-manda-248373142