Did you know, 350 million photos are uploaded every day on __________.

i.e. 4,000 photo uploads per second.

Yes, I am talking about Facebook.

These 350 million photos are uploaded by 1.66 billion DAU (Daily Active Users).

And not to forget, 7 million active advertisers are also the part of those 1.66
billion DAU.

If Images account for 75-90% of Facebook advertising effectivity/performance.

So we can easily make out that advertisers are the largest contributors of
images on Facebook.

Why not?

93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly.

If 20% of total 350 million daily image i.e. 70 million upload is done by

Average 10 image uploads by each advertiser every day.

Can you calculate the cost of planning & designing the total images (two sets of
images for AB Testing) uploaded by Facebook Advertisers daily?