Did you ever feel,

Digital India is a utopian world?

More than 1/2 of India still has a feature phone:

Data is a distant dream in villages.

But the founder at Yuvapay, PRASHANTH B sees it differently.

When I met him-

I was drawn to his unrelenting ambition to bring change.

For the 500MN + Indians that banks won’t serve.

Ever see that farmer in the village-

That grocery seller who sells in far off village-

Have you ever wondered:

Can they even come online?

The utopian dream of financial inclusion-

Can never happen,

Unless you build something to include them.

For Prashant and Yuvapay,

This is his life’s mission.

Using proprietary technology that’s patent-pending,

He’d found a way to build a product,

That transforms this neglected population of India.

To bring them to a cashless world.

Give them access to top-ups.

Bill pay.

Transfer money.

Micro finance and insurance.

Even digital banking.

All without....internet.

Now everyone can be cashless in India!

I’m humbled to be part of your dream as an investor, Prashant.

Together, I hope we can create an inclusive financial world,

That doesn’t ignore those,

Who needs them-

The most.

If anyone can?

I'm certain-

It’ll be....you.

Posted by Anand Kadakol on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/anandkadakol