Dear Entrepreneur , you will be graded based your failures !

if you lose Rs 10 laks - You are immature
if you lose Rs 1 cr - You are a bold man, but hope you learnt a lot
if you lose Rs 10 crores - You know how to take risks
if you lose Rs 100 crores - You are a serial entrepreneur who is not afraid of
failing ….particularly the Investors.
if you lose Rs 1000 crores - You are the startup God !

PS: if you show profits, you are a fool. By chance if you make profits, take
good salary+perks+all credit card bills+ all travel+club member ships( golf
mainly)+all personal expenses and show bottom line negative!! If still profit is
there, add wife, brother-in-law as employees!!! Still making profit? May God
save you!

Originally posted by Ramesh Kumar on LinkedIn