I found a new tool that has seriously revolutionized the way we approach link
building...Before you start a link building campaign, there are some
foundational questions that need answering. Questions like:

- How many links do I need to rank?

- What is the link velocity of my competitors, so I know how many links to build
per month?

- How much will link building cost?

- What anchor text distribution should I use?

These questions are notoriously difficult to answer in a data-driven, objective
way... until now.

My friend

Cody West

(not related to the former presidential candidate Kanye west as far as I know)
wrote a post discussing his business intelligence approach to link building on

Traffic Think Tank

' blog -

It’s seriously game changing stuff.

The problem is, if you aren’t a data science wiz, implementing the methodology
in his article is very difficult.

Luckily, Cody just launched

You can go to his site and purchase the same report he discusses in his article
for you or your client’s websites.

The report is called the Link Intelligence Report Lite

Cody created a discount code for my audiene you can use to get 20% off your
first Link Intelligence Report Lite. Use BLOPPS20 at checkout I hope you all
have a productive 2021 and happy link building!

Instead of going into link building blind, we answer these questions for you
using data.We have more data available to us than ever before.The difficulty is
wrangling this data to provide actionable insights and improve decision making.
That’s wherewe come in.

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