Day 270: I received an email at 3am from a client employee on a sunday morning
looking for some urgent help on a project.

I picked up the phone & spoke to his manager to check if everything is ok.

"It is normal for everyone in our startup to work 24*7, which is why we are
doing so well"

I was quite shocked & surprised with his answer. Within a few weeks strangely I
got to know the same employee had fallen sick. Probably the pressure had got to

The interesting part was this startup was paying its employees fat salaries.
Probably why people were working longer hours to save their jobs.

I was speaking to a senior manager in a leading consulting firm, he said he is
working 12-15 hours on a normal day, working on weekends for the past few years
& it has taken a toll on his health. But he cant take leave because the work is
dependent on him & he is fearful he will lose his job.

This makes me wonder who is at fault?

The company who is paying more & expecting more?
Or people who are choosing money over health?

Does hustling really help?
Does 24*7 mean better results?