Day 269: The 3 career strategies for your career:

I used these strategies:

1. Personal Brand Building: This can be done in your organisation by showcasing
your work, volunteering for projects. Sharing your knowledge is the simplest way
to start. You can start with your org & slowly do it outside as well. Linkedin
is a wonderful platform to do it. Once people know you, opportunities will start
coming to you organically. Helping people & giving back is a simple way to build
your brand. It took me years to realise this.

2. Networking: This can be done internally in your organisation though
initiatives, projects & meeting/collaborating with more people. Most of
opportunities come through the network. The same principle can be used
externally as well, if you are well networked you will start to get
opportunities. People should come to you because you are highly networked.

3. Micro Niche: Build your micro niche, something you are good at & then get
better at it. Find that one thing that is your strength. It takes roughly 10000
hours to develop it. DOTS (Do One Thing Surely) is the simplest way to do it.
The earlier you start the better. This can also help you build your brand. I
realised this very late.

Which strategies are you using?