Day 149 #jiawuphdtoindustry #everydaycounts
Today I accepted an offer of a data scientist role at an energy company! Here
are some key components that led to the offer:

1. Get connected on #Linkedin. Read great resources and interact with great

2. #DSDJ has great mentors, original materials, and a thriving community. DSDJ
helps me focus on the most important part of landing a DS job: keep improving
and trying. It is also home for my heart in this difficult journey.

3. A medium account. Learned a ton from

4. The free community by Satish Vadlamani, PhD. Their
real world project was what made me shine in several interviews.

5. DPhi and their free bootcamps on ML and DL.

6. Go through lots of interviews and take home exams! All the past ones will
help the next one!

7. 1:1 career mentor It was vital for me to get
guidance on career transition and life hurdles. The service isn't free but very

8. Nonetheless it took a lot of work. For the last 5 months or so I have spent
almost every weekend and night learning and improving.

As the journey goes to an end, I know as data scientists our learning and
pursuit will continue.
#datascience #jobsearch

Posted by Jia Wu on LinkedIn