Dark Times never last. The lessons they teach last forever.

How I wish leaders and successful people would share the stories of their
'darkest' days and help us learn from them vs just chest-thumping about some
achievement or the other.

Check the tweets of Brian Chesky (Airbnb) and Elon Musk.

These are some of my darkest day stories:

- My uncles (father's brothers) misbehaved with me for YEARS at my father's
factory even though I was earning them crores. They BROKE my spirit. One
crushing day, I swore to something on my own and find my freedom. That exact day
onwards, the Universe conspired to make me an Internet entrepreneur.

(As captured in a story in my book "The Cave").

- After I had started up and had a great run, the dot com bust happened. I had a
great business going but very little money left. I approached my existing VC at
ICICI (Renuka Ramnath) to help me. She met me and said, "Children must fall to
learn to walk". That was her way of saying, "Figure it out, Alok. I'm not
funding you". That day I SWORE to run profitable businesses and NEVER be at the
mercy of VC.

(As captured in a story my book "Why I stopped wearing my Socks").

What are some of your darkest day stories? Share them and HELP us all to learn
from them?


Posted by Alok Kejriwal on Facebook
link: facebook.com/rodinhood