'Create Shareworthy Content'...

Only a shareworthy content is having potential to become viral.

& on top of that, shareworthy content is quite cheap in distribution as well.

The book 'Fast, Cheap & Viral' suggests tools & methods to create shareworthy
content. The book is essentially for the new age marketers & encapsulates the
way social media behaves and reacts to video campaigns.

Aashish Chopra enthralls the reader with his learnings and experience, gained
through numerous viral videos to his credit. While reading, I remembered his
twinkling eyes from his first viral video and couldn't stop smiling. He is
indeed a guru of new age marketing and debunks the traditional costly approach.

In my opinion, the best part of the book is to establish the fact that creating
shareworthy content & to some extent marketing, doesn't require huge budget &
expensive equipments. Even mobile phones if used effectively, can do wonders.

For me, the takeaway is 'create for mobile' and that means videos of say 1-2
min, in square format and coming to the point very fast .. in the first 3
seconds itself.

I have read it twice and found myself doing all things wrong in case of content
creation. Thanks Aashish Chopra for this wonderful book.

Posted by Himanshu Dev Sharma on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/hdsharma