Corporate identity evolution.

These vintage visiting cards are super interesting.

I got these vintage cards online and thought to share. If true which I am
assuming they are, certain things stand really distinct. I am no one to judge
but certain things come out which demand interest.

If you look at it all closely, all these mega brands have extremely evolved in
their corporate identity however there is one company that has kept the initial
colors and almost same fonts intact - Google

The second great play if you look at the font choice of Apple , it is way ahead
of those times. Microsoft - simple straight to the point. Amazon - shines on
what they were awesome at -largest internet store for books in those times.

IMHO while corporate identity evolves across various stages of companies, the
ones who are probably frugal and retain that startup culture always keep
innovating and evolving in spite of moving into the enterprise zone.

Just saying, what do you think ?

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