Copywriting is science.

Ok, mostly it is. It's writing out facts, in an emotional envelope, to incite

I have been reading on the topic for the past year. Here are my non-generic
notes on writing the first 25% of a copy piece.

On Headline:

Headlines are 80% of anything.
People reading 25% of your copy are 78% more likely to read the full piece. By
that logic, 75% of your time should be spent on the first 25% of your piece.

If you have an outbound email to write and 120 minutes to spend, 90 minutes
should go into writing the first 25% of that email.

60 minutes into writing the subject, pre-header, and the first line.

On The First Line:

They need to be short.

They might not even be a complete sentence. No long multisyllabic words. Keep it
short, sweet, and almost incomplete so that the reader has to read the next

Examples: Losing weight is not easy. OR Copywriting is science.

The slippery slope?

Read your headline.
Read your sub-headline.
Is it leading to your first sentence naturally?
Read your first line.
Is it interesting, and compelling enough to lead you to the second line?
Does it feel like a slippery slope?
If yes, you've done your job.


Posted by Rohit Srivastav on LinkedIn