Conviction Capital.

Early-stage investing is all about underwriting the future and the decision
making is a big mix of data, trends, gut, belief, experiences & a lot more -
mixed in different proportions every time to come to a decision.

That's the definition of "conviction" but what is less talked about is "how one
builds that conviction".

At Better, we build conviction *along* with the founders when we invest super
early. Data and trends can only do so much and are table stakes - beyond that,
for us, it is about collaborative brainstorming *with* the founders to build
that conviction, that belief in the core need, the value that can be delivered,
GTM ideas and so much more. A lot of this comes from combining our
experience/gut with founders' discovery of insights on the ground. And it takes
time & work!

So conviction building happens when you can see enough of what the founder is
seeing - and you miss the best deals if you don't.

Open, Teachmint, Filo, Stoa, Jai Kisan, Fanspole, Locale, Jovian, Cradlewise,
Walrus, Slice and so many of our earlier-than-others-bets are owed to this
*collaborative conviction and belief building with the founders*.

If there was a second choice for naming Better, Conviction would have been it :)

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Posted by Vaibhav Domkundwar on LinkedIn