Controversial opinion: The M&A process is not about NOT running into icebergs
ā€” the real challenge is to ANTICIPATE which icebergs you'll run

Working with thousands of M&A professionals, we have access to a lot of industry

Let's shed some light on which bottlenecks are most common šŸ‘‡

For context:
It can take MONTHS to go through all of the M&A process steps + subtasks:
āž”ļø Strategy
āž”ļø Picking (and Contacting) Candidates
āž”ļø Negotiation
āž”ļø Due Diligence
āž”ļø Sealing the Deal
āž”ļø Post-M&A Integration

šŸ‘‡ Here are three of the most common bottlenecks we see:

1) Ego and stakeholders you didn't account for getting in the way
ā€” clearly defining stakeholders and their interests/roles

2) Unexpected issues
ā€” account for finding issues when doing due diligence

3) Lack of access to information and documents
ā€” organize documents and information in a SAFE centralized place and system

What are the most common issues you've seen delay M&A processes? šŸ‘‡

Does your experience match our data?

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Post credit to our COO/ Founder Christopher Grey

Originally posted by Greg Brinson on LinkedIn