Context switching is an important skill for a Founder to master - which I
haven't seen anything written about.

I thought I'd share insights into this from BimaPe's journey:

1. What is context switching? 😕
- As a Founder - you may spend ~45 minutes with an investor pitching your
vision; and immediately after that ~45 minutes deciding what color the CTA on
your landing page will be.
- This is the adjustment between 'macro' & 'micro' thinking & action

2. How can you manage this? 📜
- My solution: Timebox your day to help context switching
- I do 'macro' work in the morning such as: (i) Investor calls; (ii) Writing
OKRs with Vishrut and (iii) Preparing internal or external memos
- I do 'micro' work in the afternoon such as
(i) Engineering QA with Kunal, Eashan, Nishant, Pranav & Krish
(ii) Design and UX research with Abraz & Abhinav

3. Transition smoothly 💪
- Moving from macro to micro & vice-versa can be 'stressful'
- I ease the mental transition by going to the gym/for a run in the early
afternoon before returning to 'micro' work.

❓ I'll be happy to answer any questions

👉My 'micro' work is focused on Wallet by BimaPe ( -
can you guess what the 'macro' view of the product is? (Winner will get merch
from BimaPe!)

Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn