Content is all trial and error.

Even us "experts" get it wrong 😅

Case in point.

Yesterday I launched my new guide — the B2B Revenue Growth Playbook.

It lays out the strategy I use to help B2B companies increase revenue.

Instead of hiring me, you can do it all yourself.

It's pretty epic.

But I made a major mistake.

I used yesterday's post as a pitch for the book 😬

The first half was all value.
The second half was all "buy my playbook".

It cost me dearly.

Reactions were down.
Comments were down.
Sales were way down.

So I edited the post, deleted the sales part, and moved it to the comments.

Reactions went up.
Comments went up.
Sales went up.

Don't be afraid to strike out with your content.

It's an opportunity to grow.

PS - if you do want the guide, the link is in the comments.


Posted by Jason Vana on LinkedIn