Think of a video CMS as a sort of an organization master for overseeing the entire operation of a video streaming business. The end to end addressal needed for the nature of such a business; catering to every need- librarization, security, hosting, optimization, monetization and what not.

Thereby video content management system can be defined as a structure in place of a video streaming service to organizedly conduct its business. There are two types of video CMS: public CMS and private CMS. In the case of the first one, it is a freely accessible CMS for video streaming as with YouTube and its likes. The second category is closed to all video CMS platforms operated under the sole discretion of the platform’s authority as in the case of Netflix, Amazon Prime and the rest. If you see, they are not open to content from anyone and everyone. 

Top 5 best video cms platforms for your streaming business

1. VPlayed

2. Dacast

3. Uscreen

4. Brightcove

5. Kaltura