📢 Community Association Managers 📢

Did you know...

30% of homeowners aren't happy with their community association?

According to the 2020 Home Satisfaction Survey, 3 in 10 community association
members are less than satisfied.

It comes down to communication.

Most members who aren't satisfied feel left out of community decisions and

Left ignored, they tend to spread narratives that can cause friction in the

Here's how how you reach out to prevent problems:

1️⃣ Strong Community Outreach
-Show your members how responsive your community association is by using email,
text, and social media groups that RESPOND quickly to member's questions and

2️⃣ Social Events
-When everyone is vaccinated, make sure to promote social events that people
would be crazy to miss.

3️⃣ Encourage Feedback
-Open up communication channels with association leadership to allow feedback.

It's worth the extra time and resources to encourage everyone be heard.

If every community member can contribute feedback, the board will get better
guidance and your membership will see the change they want.

What are some other ways you connect with your community members?

I'd love to hear your approach in the comments 👇💬

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Posted by Damian J. Esparza on LinkedIn
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