A website is a long term, lucrative investment that brings immense attention to the site. However, these websites, if not designed and developed cautiously, will turn out to be useless and prove to be critical in minimizing growth.
It is important to remember certain factors and to avoid mistakes while designing and developing a brand's website. if you need any help in development reach out the best web design company in bangalore.
Below are some common web development mistakes to avoid that can greatly affect your website -

6 Common Web Development Mistakes to Avoid

1) Unresponsive web design

With the growing technology, there is access to the internet with a number of smart devices as opposed to just a PC. Online traffic, for this reason, has statistically increased via smart phones as they are handy and easy. It is important to realise that customers and users look for reliable and consistent usability. 

If a brand’s developed website does not meet mobile friendly standards a lot of potential target market is lost. Hence it is important for developers to focus on designing a compatible website that can be used on smartphones with any glitches.

2) Chaotic navigation

One of the reasons why users look up to the internet for information is because of its easy accessibility and reliability. Unclear navigation of websites can prove to be chaotic and inaccessible to users resulting in lesser and lesser traction. When it comes to navigation, search engines follow a pattern while scanning sites and blogs. It is important to ensure that a website has distinctive categories for all services, has clear structures of functionality and a separate value proposition.

3) No SEO or Analytics

It is important for websites to show up on the top of the searches when potential customers look for information. The traffic that is driven towards the website comes mostly from search engine ranking. Without SEO, there will be irrelevant traffic driven towards the website which will pull down conversion rates to a low. An SEO tools or optimizer must focus on customer patterns and work on the right optimization using keyword research which will help access the right demographic.

4) Lacks right information

There would be no point of websites being attractive, presentable and accessible if it lacks the required information users are looking for. A website must contain data like mission, vision and services of a brand accurately as this helps potential customers make their decisions.

When a website tanks the information that goes up on the website, it would drive away potential leads, making websites not reach their intended purpose. Publishing lengthy videos, huge pictures and long paragraphs will not help build a website’s traction.

A website must focus on being accessible, easy to navigate and contain accurate information that defines the purpose of a website. This helps it look more attractive, be more reliable and convincing to potential customers and not drive them away from the site.

5) Breeding old and stale content

A brand’s website must be updated and maintained time and again to keep its content fresh and new. This could be in the form of redefining services, putting up discounts and sales, updating services and/ or product descriptions etc. This will help keep users and potential customers on their feet and interested. If old and stale information is left to breed for visitors, this would drive away visitors eventually and not serve any purpose. To engage potential customers, regular visitors and leads it is important to update content regularly and consistently.

6) Unattractive designing

A website template defines the ultimate outlook of the website. The factors to be considered while deciding a template for a website are structure, functionality and performance of the design. Free templates might count as a mistake if not chosen rightly. Free templates usually do not meet efficiency standards and can prove to be difficult to work with. Professional and commercial websites are usually advised to use premium or paid templates for better designs. A website has to be attractive to make users linger around more and stay on understand the purpose of the website. Attractive websites are also better lead magnets as they tackle with gaining better attention span and increase conversion of leads.


It is important to get the right web developers and designers to avoid these mistakes and get ideal websites developed and designed to help serve better for the brand. Every website has its own purpose and has different objectives to be focused on while being designed and developed. It is important to focus solely on these objectives and develop and ideal website for the brand to make maximum use of the same.