Commitment is main base of long standing relationships.

When you give your word to other person, then you should keep it.

But mostly,

being emotional in state, you get in a hurry while giving it.😲

Case studies show 50 to 70 percentage people can't keep their commitment given

Please think for a moment before giving a promise that :

πŸ“ŒDo you have guts to keep it ?

πŸ“ŒDo you have enough desire in mind to keep it?

This kind of stuff is much common in personal & professional lives.πŸ˜…

Few simple statements isn't kept later which you resonate with~

πŸ”–I will never leave you.(lover to lover)

πŸ”–I will forget your this favor.( Friend to friend)

πŸ”–I will call you sometimes after reaching home.(suddenly known people)

πŸ”– Feeling very nice by talking with you.(recently known persons)

πŸ”–When you need anything, tell me.(neighbors to you)

πŸ”–You have already win this lawsuit.( advocate to client)

Please learn to say NO.πŸ’―

What you can't, you should say.πŸ—£οΈ

Right ?

It is very important to be habituate with.βœ…βœ…

Your thoughts ???

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