šŸš€ Co-Founder Equity Split Template for Startups šŸš€

Founders, how you decide to split equity with your co-founders can make or break
your startup.

Most startups fail before making a dime.
(90% failure rate in 2019, according to Investopedia)

But according to Michael Seibel, managing director of YCombinator, the more
motivated founders are, the higher the chance of success.

As a result, fighting for a larger piece of the equity pie is worth nothing if
it makes your partners unmotivated.

That's why I'm sharing this template:
You can use it to split equity using a standardized, transparent approach.

The template provides:
šŸ”» Weighted scoring systems
šŸ”» Equity considerations based on role
šŸ”» A way to come to a fair split

But for this tool to be useful, you have to open and honest with your partners.

Equity split discussions are not a time to be cut-throat.
They are an opportunity to build a motivated team that can build a successful

To get a copy of the template, reach out in the comments and I'll send it ASAP

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