Clients may come and clients may go but you should go on FOREVER! 🤩

Hidden behind this line is the core philosophy of working as a freelancer. ❤

We are acquainted with the fact that freelancing career is filled with uncertain
& unpredictable situations.

I learnt this lesson very early in my journey but it took me time to reconcile
with it.

I lost one of my regular high paying client within 3-4 months of switching to
full time freelancing. It was a surprise as I hadn't seen it coming.

But, as they say, god always has something instore for you. Something you didn't
plan and something exciting to be a part of.

I got an offer to work as an Editor for Growth Hacking Book 2. One of the most
incredible achievements this year as it gave me the right exposure to learn more
about editing and proofreading.

It was wonderful to be a part of the journey with Rohan Chaubey and Parul

When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade. There is no point crying over what
is gone. You never know what you might explore.

Freelancing is a roller coaster ride. When you are sliding downwards, think of
the times you were floating upwards.

P.S : Clients may come and go but you should go on HAPPIER EVER! ♥️

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Posted by Vagisha Arora on LinkedIn