Recording Screen is a great way to demonstrate a tool or any development in the tool for the audience. But, when you search for a Screen Recording tool, the search keeps ongoing and no tool matches your expectations.

So, the question arises which tool is best to record and share the screen?

There is an amazing tool by StoryXpress in the market, that is, ClapBoard.

Let’s find out the reasons why ClapBoard is the best tool for recording and sharing the screen!

What is ClapBoard?

ClapBoard is a screen recording chrome plugin that allows you to record, edit and share the videos in seconds.

ClapBoard Details:


Tool NameClapBoard
CategoryChrome Plugin
Parent CompanyStoryXpress
Device SupportedWeb-Based
Plugin LinkChrome Web Store

Features of ClapBoard 

      1) Different Modes of Recording

ClapBoard lets you record your screen in three different modes:

  1. Screen Sharing Mode
  2. WebCam Mode
  3. Both

Depending upon the video, you can record the screen only or you can only show your face through the webcam or you can use both the modes simultaneously.

     2) Give Your Videos A Sound

While recording the screen, you can add your own voice to make the video more interactive and for making your customer a better understanding of your tool.

     3) More Editing Weapons 

Scribbling or writing on the screen helps your audience to understand much better. So, Clapboard lets you draw on the screen with any color. You can even select the style and width of the brush.

With the help of ClapBoard, you can focus on a specific part of the screen and can insert text on the screen easily.

     4) Customize the Player

Establish your own brand identity with a customized media player. You can choose the color and theme of media player according to your brand colors.

      5) Increase the Interaction with Audience

When you want to present any quiz or poll to your audience, you need to redirect them to a different webpage. This practice can make you lose your viewers count.

But, with ClapBoard, you can easily embed any quiz or poll to the screen of the video :)

You can even add a Call-To-Action Button or banner in your video. 

      6) Know Your Audience

With ClapBoard, you can have an insight look at analytics like impression views, click-through rates, and conversions to understand user’s behavior.

Through this feature, you will get to know who watched your content, Get Real-Time Notifications every time when a video is being watched

The Seamless Integration

You can integrate your ClapBoard’s account data with the following platforms with ease:

  • Calendly
  • Slack
  • ZenDesk
  • MailChimp
  • Intercom
  • YouTube
  • Zapier

ClapBoard Competitors

1) Clapboard vs TuneFab Screen Recorder

While both the products almost contain the same features. But, ClapBoard wins the race by a slight margin as it has some really useful features. In ClapBoard, you can protect your video file by a password while there is no such option in TuneFab Screen Recorder. Embedding Customized CTAs and banner in the video makes ClapBoard more useful than TuneFab.

2) Clapboard vs Loom

Fight between both the products, there is a clear win of ClapBoard as it provides a Free plan for the new users while you have to pay for using Loom. In Loom, you cannot insert your branding in the video while there is the feature to add your own logo and colors in the video. 

3) ClapBoard vs Minsh

Talking about the Pricing plans of both the products, there is a Free plan in ClapBoard while it lacks an Annual Subscription plan, unlike Minsh. But, Minsh overheads ClapBoard in the number of features available.

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FinancesOnline: 8.3 /10

AppSumo: 4.2 / 5 stars

Based on the reviews given by the users across the entire web: 

Pricing: 4 stars

Ease in Use: 5 stars

Ease in Setup: 5 stars

Integration: 3 stars

User Integration:4 stars


The ease of use makes ClapBoard, an amazing tool in the market. You just need to Click, Edit and Share the video. The pricing is very low, i.e., 39$  and so it is very affordable. This tool gives the most features in this price range.

It gives a very tough competition to Loom. And even it beats the Loom in almost every aspect, whether it is pricing or the number of features available. Users who were using Loom is now replacing it with the ClapBoard.