Cheating by Max Life Insurance Company Limited

Need transparent Mechanism of our money
Govt insurance companies are honest & give better return then private

How Insurance companies are cheating consumers

I started my policy 240053116 in 2004 paying annually INR 46k . Company never
sent any information on return on my money nor agent called for service , hence
after several attempts , i stopped paying premium last year as i did not knew
return on my money.

On 17/3/2021 -customer care guy from Ahmedabad talked 9723055830 , gave policy
details . this guy told - i earned only 75k as bonus return over 15years so far
& return are pathetic .

I told him to cancel the scheme then he told me to pay premium of 46k , then he
can settle with 1123k final money . He told that he has initiated closer from
backend & money will come in my account in three days .

I paid money today & once i called this customer care guy ( 9723055830), phone
is off . Company customer care told , my policy have been extended for long term
My agent get commission & he never called me so far.

Company says for cancelling policy i need to go branch with so many documents .
How these private insurance companies are cheating us maxnewyorklife insurance
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