Challenge accepted! Deadline: 31 January! Full website rebuild for one of the
UK's largest franchises, in less than 4 weeks.

Design, web development, and a bespoke AMP version will be implemented within
days for one of their websites that directly generates leads to their business
via Google, while focusing on ultra-performance and SEO from the ground up,
getting the website ready for the loudly-touted Google Page Experience update
that's coming in May (scary, I know).

The target will be to achieve a 95+ score on Google Page Speed Insights, and a
FULL GREEN screen in Lighthouse Report (currently mostly RED).

My dev team is on fire, and so am I!

Bring in the coffee, we're on a mission to achieve the impossible! These extreme
deadlines put the adrenaline in the blood, and we'll definitely need that if we
want to launch by the end of the month!

Within the coming days, I'll share what processes and tools we are using to
achieve such tight deadlines, and what technologies we use to achieve a perfect
page Speed and Lighthouse score.

(*image is one of our other similar projects)

#webdeveloper #pagespeed #seo

Posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn