CEOs have no choice but to embrace digital marketing more enthusiastically than

The reality is that if CEOs don’t win in early 2021 they may find their future
at risk. The risk to business leaders is so high that many will pay whatever it
takes for the highest probability of success (agency skills and quality). Not
hiring the best means leaders will probably fail to compete, and they will be
held accountable by an increasingly knowledgeable and needy BoD for failures.
Their motivated business competition is going to be quick-moving aggressive
digital marketers and any businesses not in the race early will be left behind.
CEOs need to understand that their competition will pull ahead if they hesitate.
By April you may be facing a competitor that started in January. Do you want to
be that person that delayed? Does your job depend upon success? Or worse yet,
does your business depend on it? My advice is to get into the game. #SEO #CMO

SEO is forever.

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Posted by Bruce Clay on LinkedIn