It feels like every single day some marketing strategy, channel, or tactic
builds up, breaks down, and starts all over again.

That myspace -> facebook -> ig -> snapchat -> tiktok hamster wheel of 'never
keeping up but cant get off.

Its half exhausting, half exhilarating, but I'm not a fan.

I've started to actively step away from a 'fb ads tech skills obsession' and
move into classical ideas that are still relevant today.

I figure that's better aligned with 'agency forever skills' than 'oh good i just
got an ad rejected again skills'

Im halfway through 'My life in advertising' and hot damn, that's the good shit.

Here's a few thing that stood out to me.

1) Liquozone -

"Let us buy your first first fifty cent bottle. If you like it, buy six more at
a discount, and we guarantee you'll love it.

If not, I will return your money".

The company used that, got their first batch of raving fans, and leveraged that
into more sales. The next year they profited $1.8M

How does this apply to you? Tell your car wash client to give away $5 car washes
and if that customer buys a pack of 5, they will guarantee their happiness or
their money back.

Track refunds, redemptions, and watch the ... facebook.com/groups/2016376418637725/user/18701839/