Celebrating an important Milestone Today. Completed 2 years at Amity Online

A Journey I have relished every minute of it.

I have been into the Higher education sector for almost a decade now with my
roles ranging from B2C sales, Digital strategy, Student outreach and Product
marketing. I am quite confident enough of What I'm doing, I'm still learning
Despite in the industry for so long but the last 2 years at amity online have
been the making of me. Putting it down to have worked with the right company.
It's all about the fit after all.

One of the important aspects that has stood out from a Cultural standpoint, is
that the company allows ample freedom and does not restrict one to work in a
certain way as long as the impact is significant and meaningful.

Of course there have been failures, Outcomes which were not desirable, Projects
which couldn't take off despite the best of efforts, But then the Value system
doesn't let you down your guard. It encourages you to come back and be at it
till you succeed.

I Thank all my Colleagues, Teammates for their unwavering trust and helping me
grow all along.


Originally posted by Dhruv Sikri on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/dhruv-sikri-19213839