Can't think what to write when sending an email to promote your content?

Use the content promotion email formula I came up with to de-stress and promote with confidence.

Here's how it works:

Subject line: Ask a provocative question that elicits thought about something interesting in your content.

Preview text: Create an open loop (a lil’ teaser that gets your email subscribers to open the email and discover the answer.)

First three sentences: Tell a story about the content to hook your reader in to want to click over and see it.

Call to action: Tell people the exact action to take (i.e., Click here to...)

Bullet points: Highlight the three biggest things people will learn from your content.

Never do more than three, it's too overwhelming. Three is plenty to arouse curiosity.

Call to action: Reiterate exactly what people should do (i.e., Click here to...). This should be the same link as your first CTA. Only ask people to take one action if you want max clicks.

Sign-off: Put your name. I like to put a funny nickname in between my first and last name to keep it casual.

PS: Add a Ps. on the last line with another open loop that teases a specific nugget people will find inside your content.

Here's a screenshot of an email I sent using this formula: