Call it a day because today's #budget shook the market like no other!

Seems like the amount of large capital offered by the Gov is directly
proportional to a certain sum that they expect in terms of foreign #investment

To make it conducive, certain revolutionary changes have been put into effect

Insurance: FDI hiked from 49% to 74%. This will give boost to some Japanese
conglomerates who eyed 51% stake in #insurance in India in 2020

TDS on dividend payment have been exempted in REITs & InvITs to foster

Infra wise, the FM left no stone unturned. She covered all parts of India for
development in terms of railways, airports, ports, gas pipelines

Introduction of bad banks will increase the velocity of circulation of money by
asset #liquidation

The decrease in custom duty for selected metals & copper scrap is an opening
door of profit for some manufacturing companies, given the upcoming metro line

The #manufacturing sector needs to grow twice the current pace to trigger the
GDP growth

All in all, it indeed was "a budget like no other". Hope this turns to be
executed like no other!

The opposition class believed that this budget intended to sell India rather
than develop with #privatisation as the main focus.

What's your sense of the budget 2021?

Originally posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn