Post 5

Till now we covered that -

✅ Showcasing your credentials and PoV

✅ Building intimacy

✅ Being consistent & reliable

✅ Being others focused

Will win you the trust of your customers and employers for sure.

And the good news is that- it is super duper easy.

The catch is - to follow 90 - 10 principle.

This is my personal mantra. Can be applied to any relationship.

90% of the problems, outages, leave applications and drama 🎭 - are predictable.

You know the common things that go wrong in a project, you know the people who
need a nudge and you know the trouble makers also.

There is a pattern to these 90% problems and if you spend little time and
energy, you can crack them easily.

These 90% deadly problems are highly repetitive and mundane in nature.

They can be handled just by basic planning, review and update mechanism.

For balance 10% you will have to get creative and be yourself.

The disaster happens when we try and solve these 90% of the problems with our

To be highly trustable and effective for the
90% problems - follow the system
10% problems - use ur creative personality

PS: Escalation matrix, QBRs, Leadership connects & even first aid box are all
part of 90%.

PS: Be ruthless in planning all of these.


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